Sandwiches, Burgers and Wraps

*Menu items and prices are subject to frequent change, please call us for the most updated version.


Choice of salad or potatoes

Free Range Chicken Pita Club   $13.95
Free range chicken breast, all natural turkey bacon, avacado, dijonnaise spread, tomato, organic spinach, lemon vinaigrette.
W/ Tillamook cheddar cheese   Add $1.50

California Tuna Sandwich   $13.95
Tuna, romaine lettuce, tomato, guacamole, dijonnaise sauce, lemon vinaigrette, La Brea bakery grain bread or whole wheat pita.

Garden Veggie Burger   $14.95      
Grilled veggies, Garden burger patty, grilled onions, tomato, dijonnaise sauce, sprouts, lettuce, La Brea bakery wheat bun.
W/ Cheddar cheese   $1.50 | Avocado   $1.50 | Both   $2.00

Free Range Turkey Burger   $15.95
Shelton Farms turkey patty, grilled onions, dijonnaise sauce, lettuce, organic ketchup, tomato, La Brea bakery wheat bun.

W/  Turkey bacon   $1.50 | Cheddar cheese   $1.50 | Both   $2.00

Grass Fed Beef Burger   $15.95
Sun Fed Ranch beef patty, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, horseradish sauce,Tillamook cheddar, La Brea bakery wheat bun.

Garden Wrap   $14.95
Grilled veggies, organic brown rice, humus, avocado, tomato, tahini, whole wheat tortilla.

W/ Free range chicken   $3.95 | Salmon   $5.95 | Organic tofu   $2.95

Falafel Wrap   $14.95
Grilled falafel patty, humus, tomato, lettuce, avocado, tabuli, tahini, whole wheat tortilla.

Add feta cheese   $1.00

Curry Wrap   $15.95
Free range chicken or tofu, fresh veggies, organic brown rice, curry sauce, humus, tomato, tahini, whole wheat tortilla.

Blackened Scottish Salmon Wrap   $16.95
Roasted organic corn, organic spinach, organic brown rice, roasted red pepper, humus, tomato, tahini, whole wheat tortilla.

Filet Mignon Burrito Mojado   $17.95
Mexican brown rice, black beans, Tillamook cheddar, guacamole, topped with epazote ranchera, black bean sauce and salsa verde.

** Gluten free burger buns add $1.50
* Our soy cheese contains a small amount of casein, a milk protein.