Entree Salads

*Menu items and prices are subject to frequent change, please call us for the most updated version.

Greek Salad | GF*   $14.95
Organic mixed greens, feta cheese, onions, cucumber, bean sprouts, organic tomatoes, kalamata olives, lemon vinaigrette.

Southwest Salad   $14.95
Organic black beans, organic corn, organic mixed greens, grilled red & green pepper, onions, cilantro lime dressing.
W | Chicken $3.95 | Blackened salmon $5.95 | Organic tofu $2.95

Sante Garden | GF*   $15.95
Steamed vegetables, romaine lettuce, tomato, red cabbage, organic brown rice, tahini, bean sprouts, humus, avocado.
Add Free range chicken   $3.95 | Organic tofu   $2.95

Organic Kale & Quinoa Chopped Salad | GF*   $17.95
Marinated organic kale, chopped grilled vegetables, goat cheese, roasted beets, avocado, green onions, cucumber, mint, walnuts, carrots, celery, red cabbage, lemon juice, olive oil.
Add Free range chicken   $3.95 | Blackened salmon   $5.95 | Organic tofu   $2.95

Mediterranean Tuna | GF*   $16.95
Romaine lettuce, mayo free tuna, organic pear tomatoes, tabuli, bean sprouts, lemon vinaigrette.

Asian Chicken Salad | GF*   $16.95
Arugula, green cabbage, organic pear tomato, crispy brown rice noodles, cucumber, carrots, ginger yuzu vinaigrette, sesame seeds.

Veggie Burger Salad   $16.95
Organic spinach, organic mixed greens, humus, mushrooms, avocado, garden burger, organic pear tomatoes, lemon dressing.

Blackened Scottish Salmon| GF*   $17.95
Roasted red pepper, organic corn, organic pear tomatoes, organic mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette.


Tahini, zesty lemon, lemon olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, oil free cilantro lime, ginger yuzu vinaigrette, wasabi soy.